A message from PEF Retirees President Ray Ferraro:
Defend Medicare while you still can
Two of the main retirement issues before us today are tier equity for state employees and saving Social Security and Medicare as we now know them.

You can call your U.S. senators and representatives toll free at 1-800-722-7494 and tell them we are absolutely opposed to a proposal from Medicare Commission Co-Chair Sen. John Breaux to allow Medicare vouchers. It has countless faults.

The commission did not accept Sen. Breaux's proposition. However, it is expedited to come up again in other legislation.
On March 26, the House of Representatives passed Resolution 68 which directed that any surplus in the Social Security and Medicare Fund must be used for Social Security and Medicare purposes. The Senate also passed the same resolution.

However, resolutions are not law, so changes can be expected. If Congress intends to cut taxes, where do they expect to get the money if not out of this same surplus?

Remember: if you are a state retiree, age 65 or older, Medicare is your primary coverage and the Empire Plan is secondary.

So, with constant debate and attacks on Social Security and Medicare, it's very much in your interest to use the toll-free number to register your opposition to any negative changes to Social Security and Medicare. Of all the changes that could be made, vouchers would be one of the most detrimental.


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It's the easiest way to pay your PEF Retiree dues. Just $1 is automatically deducted each month from your pension check.
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Free notary service offered
PEF members and retirees may take advantage of the free notary service available at the union's New York City and Long Island field offices. Just call in advance to make sure the licensed notaries will be there at the time you plan to stop by.
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For information or help call:Retired Employees Assistance Program
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