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July/August 2006
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Workplace Violence,
Go Public
campaigns pay off big for PEF

Cover graphic by Mario Bruni
Volume 23, No. 6, 2006

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Brynien-Igoe ticket sweeps PEF elections

Go Public bill passed by lawmwkers

PEF endorses Spitzer for governor

PEF Scacalossi scholarship winners

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The Communicator July/Aug. '06

Brynien-Igoe ticket sweeps
Pataki signs Go Public bill
PEF wins on workplace violence

President's Message
You Said It - Member's Mailbag
Legislative Action
Member Mobilizer: Parole

Stronger Contract: NDRI pact
Health Notes

Retirees in Action
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Union Matters
PEF endorses Spitzer for gov.
OGS members fully mobilized

HCSAccount  debit card planned
OCFS wastes $26 million

Sunmount DDSO gets training
25/55 retirement bill passes
Scacalossi scholarship winners
Prison teacher helps students
PEF pushes bill to end Nurses OT
OMH & OMRDD needs help
DCAA can help you out
There's more to you vision care

Retirees turn to making ice cream

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