The Communicator
October 2001
The Official Online Edition of
The New York State Public Employees Federation

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PEF mourns fallen members
September 11, - World Trade Center

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in their words...Juliette

in their words...Dianne

in their words...Joel

PEF Ad Campaign:
Comdemnation of Racial Profiling
and Religious Intolerance

Inside This Issue:
PEF mourns fallen members:
in their words...Juliette
in their words...Dianne
in their words...Joel
Relief fund launched
Temporary NYC PEF office
DOH members struggle
1,000 donors flood blood bank
Cap lifted on aid to attack victims


President's Message: Pray for healing, keep helping
Stronger Contracts: Lockport hospital calls back members
Retirees In Action: No new COLA boost this year
Legislative Action: Terrorist attack derails NYS budget
Nurses:Issues galvanizes RNs at SUNY Stony Brook
Health Notes: Empire Plan adds discounts, and more...

PEF Membership Benefits
Program Update/PEF Travel Corp: Get-A-Ways

Union Matter
Union members shine
PEF testifies on dangers of understaffing Parole
PEF members, MH advocates, rally at children’s centers
Albany County Probation members ratify new contract
PEF raises DAs’ awareness of workplace assailants
Special PEF elections fill 2 vacancies,1 remains open
Civil Service Law provides portal for handicapped
Leave OK’d for bone-marrow, organ donors
PEF Executive Board Meeting Summary
The Communicator, PEF radio ads win big
Two from PEF win AFT Porter Scholarship
Financial Statements 2001
Corrections to the September Communicator:

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