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Check PEFís endorsements, then vote Nov. 7

November 7, voters will go to the polls to select our government leaders.

PEF Retirees urges you to seriously consider your unionís endorsement when casting your votes for the candidates that PEFís careful research found will support our programs, policies and initiatives. (See list.)

If you ever wonder why PEF Retirees can not do more to protect and enhance your pension and health benefits, itís because some of the leaders who currently hold state and national political office are not listening to us. We can make our voices heard clearer than ever, now, in the election booth.

Donít be fooled by the slick TV commercials and other political advertising and rhetoric that flood the airwaves the next several weeks.

If itís money against money, we lose to the special interests. Our power is in our votes and the half-million union retirees in New York state can be formidable. Letís show the politicians what senior power is all about.

Many of us have wondered what became of our dreams of Americaís destiny as the greatest nation ever created. It is incumbent upon all of us to demonstrate this dream is still alive and that seniors have a true sense of history.

We can do this best when we vote.

PEF Retirees can be effective on your behalf only if you support candidates who support our issues and truly have our best interests at heart.

Deliver for us, and weíll deliver for you.

In addition to casting your well-informed votes in November, you can do two more things to help PEF Retirees become a more efficient and effective advocate for you.

First, make sure we have your current e-mail address so we can keep you informed of legislation and other news that will affect you. Simply e-mail us at and give us your name and postal address, along with your e-mail address.

Second, sign-up for automatic deduction of your PEF Retirees annual dues from your pension check. It will take $3 off your dues and eliminate the trouble of mailing them in.

And it saves us time and postage that we can use to better serve you and advocate for your issues. Help us to help you.

The Communicator Oct. 2006


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