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November 2004
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PEF activists getting out union voters

PEF member Greg McBride, right, urges a NH state employee to vote on Nov. 2.
  Photo by Tim Raab

Volume 21, No. 9 November 2004

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PEF activists getting out the union vote

Union rallies to save Bushwick clinic

PEF engineers unite for goals

 5 year grant boosts safety

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Union rallies to save Bushwick
Retirees' bill vetoed by Gov.
Members getting out the vote
Supporting candidates
PEF endorses 4 candidates
Engineers show solidarity

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Member's Mailbag
Health and Safety
Stronger Contracts
Health Notes
Retirees In Action
PEF Membership Benefits &Travel

Union Matters

Back Cover Ad: VOTE
Making NYS diverse
PEF PR is looking for shutterbugs

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