An open letter to our members and the public:

TO: PEF Members and the General Public 

DATE: July 7, 2004

SUBJ: Contract Fight Back – For As Long As It Takes

This memo is in response to letters to newspaper editors from the Governor’s Chief Contract Negotiator, John Currier. He claims “the state has no interest in requiring employees of the PS&T unit (PEF members) to punch a time clock.”

The state is demanding the removal of language that protects PEF members against their imposing time clocks/electronic recognition devices. The state has publicly claimed they are not proposing time clocks. What they fail to tell the public and our members is the removal of certain contractual protections would allow them to implement electronic recognition devices.

The Governor’s Chief Negotiator plays a very cute game of semantics by claiming that they are not asking for time clocks (which is correct), but what they are doing is removing protections from them. The PEF negotiating team sees right through the state’s double talk and will not forget their efforts following the last negotiations to renege on meal reimbursement payments and timekeeping distortions.

When the state is asked to demonstrate their inability to supervise time and attendance, the best they can do is claim they “have received calls from supervisors.” They are unable to provide one shred of evidence that they currently do not have the ability to supervise employee time and attendance.

One manager wrote to PEF:
“As a former long-term PEF member, I can tell you that the basis of any complaint that the State may have about time abuse rests not with the employees but with its own management. . . . . It seems that, as a matter of convenience, managers, individually, will gloss over discipline-related incidents, but, collectively, will turn around and blame the employees. . . . The real blame, of course, is with their own ineptness as managers.” - Name withheld by request 

The Governor’s Chief Negotiator’s attempt to isolate PEF by settling with CSEA and UUP and then demanding more from our members is not a surprise. As both the state and our members know, PEF will not accept a contract with any major concessions, no one else did. We are prepared to resist the State’s efforts for as long as it takes!

Roger E. Benson, President

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