Protect our communities.
Stop the revolving door of crime.

Before inmates are released from prison they should have the skills necessary to lead lawful and productive lives in our communities, yet, in New York State, inmates do not get the education, job skills, and substance abuse treatment they need. 

Over 14,000 inmates in New York’s correctional system are functionally illiterate, over 35,000 inmates have not completed high school, more than 37,000 inmates admit to prior drug use and over 25,000 have a serious alcohol abuse problem. 

Without programs and facilities to properly prepare inmates for release, it is just a matter of time before they’re back in prison. More than 50 percent 
of DOCS inmates return to prison.

We can improve their chances to succeed, and make our communities safer.

We must keep facilities such as Camp Pharsalia in Chenango County, Fulton Correctional Facility in the Bronx, and Camp McGregor in Saratoga County open and have them offer enhance transitional programs needed to keep our communities safe.

We must insure that inmates are properly prepared to succeed when they are released, by making sure they receive the substance abuse treatment and educational training they need and that they receive these programs in the most appropriate environment. 

State programs work better at reducing recidivism and are less expensive than private programs, and reducing recidivism saves money. Just a five percent reduction in the recidivism rate of inmates could save $42 million a year.

Keep open:Fulton Correctional Facility, Camp Pharsalia and  Camp McGregor. Keep our  communities safe.

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This newspaper ad appeared March 1,  2004 in The Legislative Gazette. It was created by PEF's Public Relations Dept. © Copyright 2004.