Everyone deserves a second chance. 
By saving them, we save too.
Restore funding to keep the Fulton Correctional Facility open. 
Keep our communities safe.

 If you had the chance to save $47 million, would you?
That’s how much the state could save taxpayers by providing the services needed to properly re-integrate inmates into our community.

More than 40 percent of state prison inmates return to prison within three years. Just a 5 percent reduction in the recidivism rate could save $47 million a year.

Before inmates are released from prison they must gain the skills necessary to lead lawful and productive lives in our communities. The Fulton Correctional Facility in the Bronx provides those skills to help turn inmates’ lives around, but the Executive Budget proposal would eliminate funding for Fulton, and close its doors. 

Too often, inmates do not get the education, job skills, and substance-abuse treatment they need. 

Over 14,000 inmates in New York’s correctional system are illiterate. More than 35,000 inmates have not completed high school. More than 37,000 inmates admit to prior drug use and over 25,000 have a serious alcohol-abuse problem. 

Without programs and facilities to properly prepare inmates for release, it’s just a matter of time before they’re back in prison. 
But well-designed systems that transition inmates from prison life to community life — such as the work release program at the Fulton Correctional Facility — enhance public safety. These programs reduce inmates’ future criminal activities, cut costs and give inmates the skills needed to remain law-abiding and productive when they return to our communities.

We must make sure inmates receive education, training and substance-abuse treatment, and that they receive these services in the most appropriate setting.

Keep the Fulton Correctional Facility open and adequately funded, so it can offer the enhanced transitional programs needed to keep our communities safe.

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