Override the Veto
Keep Camp McGregor, Camp Pharsalia, and the Fulton Correctional Facility open.

Inmates at Camp McGregor, Camp Pharsalia, and the Fulton Correctional Facility are getting that second chance. These state prisons offer work release and other programs that provide inmates with education, substance abuse treatment and job training, ó skills they need to remain law-abiding and productive when they return to our communities.

But the governorís budget vetoes eliminate funding for these facilities. 
Unless state lawmakers vote to override the vetoes, all three facilities ó in Saratoga County, the Binghamton area and the Bronxó could be closed. 

711 inmates would miss their second chance. And, hundreds of state workers who provide these vital correctional-services programs would lose their jobs. 

Too often, inmates in New York state prisons donít get the skills they need to lead lawful and productive lives. Thatís one reason more than 40 percent of inmates return to prison within three years. Without programs and facilities to properly prepare inmates for release, itís just a matter of time before theyíre taking another mug shot, and are sent back to prison. 

Tell your legislators to change this picture. Tell them to override the governorís vetoes and restore funding to Camp McGregor, Camp Pharsalia, and the Fulton Correctional Facility.

Help give inmates a second chance to turn their lives around. Help keep our communities safe..

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This ad was created by the PEF PR department appeared as a black & white version in the Sept. 6, 2004 edition of the Legislative Gazette. This ad was originally created by PEF's Public Relations Dept. © Copyright 2004.