A diet of consultants and privatization is bad for the state’s fiscal health.

Each year New York’s government wastes nearly a quarter billion dollars, privatizing and paying consultants too much for services state employees do for less — $123 million more in transportation engineering costs, $13 million more for inspections of health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, $22 million more in costs for computer programmers and $9 million more for audits of insurance companies.  

These are only a few examples of the additional costs New Yorkers pay because of politically connected consultants.

Consultants are getting fat and we pay the price.
We can fix this problem by calling on our state leaders to pass laws that:
• Ban lobbyists’ efforts to influence the award of state contracts; 
• Require a cost/benefit analysis before contracting out state services;
• Disclose the number of contract employees at all state agencies; and
• Increase the accountability of off-budget shadow agencies by merging them into state agencies with similar duties. 

Make Albany accountable; it’s time New York’s taxpayers have it their way.

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