When you see this sign, you know help is nearby. 
Letís not take a different direction. 

For thousands of children and adults who have serious and persistent mental illness, access to a psychiatric hospital may mean the difference between a chance at recovery and a life filled with hope, or continuing to live in anguish.

But some organizations are asking state leaders to create a commission whose sole purpose would be to recommend closing some psychiatric hospitals.

That would send the state ó and those mentally ill New Yorkers ó in the wrong direction.

Our state government has a responsibility to provide people with mental illness access to all available treatment options in their communities, including access to hospital-based care.

But if psychiatric hospitals are closed, people who need those specialized services will have to travel miles from their homes and loved ones to get the help they need. 

Some just wonít make the trip. 

New York does not need a commission to study the closure of state psychiatric hospitals.

It does need to keep all avenues to recovery open.
Keep help for the mentally ill nearby.

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