Why is it when the state comes up short, they want to sell SUNY Hospitals?

To plug the state’s budget gap, the Executive Budget gives SUNY Trustees the authority to sell our SUNY Hospitals in Syracuse, Brooklyn, and Stony Brook.

That would be bad medicine for the communities served by the hospitals.

Selling the SUNY hospitals would put community health care services at risk, threaten specialty medical services, and eliminate public and legislative oversight.

There is a better way. Ask the state’s most profitable corporations and wealthiest individuals to carry their fair share of the state’s fiscal burden.

Close corporate tax loopholes and implement a temporary tax surcharge on the richest New Yorkers.

Call your legislators and the governor toll free at 1-877-255-9417. Tell them to reject the proposal to sell our SUNY hospitals.

Keep SUNY hospitals public, and part of SUNY.

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