PEF tells State: PUNCH THIS!
Professionals donít punch time clocks.

PEF members already account for their time. 

Now, to settle our contract, the state wants our research scientists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, accountants, economists, teachers, and other working state professionals to punch a time clock. 

Governor, try passing a budget on time, instead of clock watching professionals! 
Itís not about time ó 
itís about professionalism!

Join Us - PEF Contract Rally: Mon. June 28 - 5:30 pm at the NYS Republican Chairmanís Reception & Dinner at Wolfertís Roost Country Club, Van Rensselaer Blvd., Albany For Info Call: 785-1900 ext. 425 or email

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PEF Public Relations ad campaigns
This ad appeared as a black & white version in the June 24 & 27, 2004 editions of The Times Union,  The Schenectady Daily Gazette, and the Troy Record. This ad was originally created by PEF's Public Relations Dept. © Copyright 2004.