The NYS Public Employees Federation 
New Yorks "trust fund" - You trust them with...

Your Safety. Fighting crime and protecting our communities.

Your Health. Providing high quality, innovative and affordable health care. 

Your Environment. Protecting our air, water and land from dangerous pollutants.

Your Family. Keeping our loved ones safe in nursing homes.

Who should you trust with these jobs?

Trust the members of the New York State Public Employees Federation. 

PEF members are professional, highly skilled workers serving all of us as parole officers, nurses, environmental engineers, advocates for the elderly, and more. 

PEF's 52,000 professionals are on the job every day in every part of the state, putting your tax dollars to work, for you. 

They’ve been tested and trained in thousands of professional, scientific and technical jobs, to make sure you get the highest quality services. 

PEF members. A sound investment of your tax dollars.

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PEF Public Relations ad campaigns
This ad appeared as a black & white version in the July 16 & 18, 2004 editions of New York Times. 

This ad was originally created by PEF's Public Relations Dept. © Copyright 2004.