Stop Workplace Violence.
It's not part of the job.

Imagine your workday ends with a trip to the hospital emergency room. It happens to thousands of state employees every year.
Too many men and women who provide treatment, care and other professional services to some on the states most challenging citizens have left work in bandages, slings and even body bags.

Assaults against public employees not only causes pain and suffering to the victims and their families, but has a significant negative impact on the people for whom they provide care and services in state facilities. These incidents are extremely disruptive to state operations, resulting in setbacks to treatment and recovery for clients who witness them as well as those who are directly involved.

Violent crime against public employees is costly to taxpayers as well. The annual cost of violence in public worksites in New York state is estimated to be in excess of $125 million in workers’ compensation and related costs. 

Prevent workplace violence and injuries by passing the Stop Workplace Violence bills;

Workplace Violence Prevention Bill S.6441/A.9691
- Requires all public employers to evaluate their workplaces to determine the presence of risk factors that may lead to violence in the workplace. Public employers with more than 20 employees are required to implement a written program to prevent violence in the workplace. This will include a listing of risk factors and methods to reduce these risks.

Judi Scanlon Bill S.207/A.2570
- Directs that an Office of Mental Health employee who is required to enter the residence of a person with serious mental illness can request to be accompanied by another employee for safety reasons. Requires annual training in safety and the prevention of violence for all OMH intensive case managers. Restricts caseloads for intensive case managers and provides a mobile telephone to all intensive case managers.

Workplace Injury Disclosure and Accountability Bill S.6480/A.9692
-Amends the Civil Service Law to require state Department of Civil Service prepare an annual report on injury rates among state employees due to workplace injuries in state agencies and the costs incurred by the state as a result of those injuries.

Tell state lawmakers and the governor to pass the Stop Workplace Violence bills. Being punched, kicked or even murdered is not “part of the job.”

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